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Checking into my photography blog today to share a sneak peek from a recent vintage style studio baby photography session in Lethbridge. I know the momma of this precious baby girl has been waiting oh so patiently to see these, and I don’t want to make her wait any longer!

I just got that vintage wagon toy and I couldn’t be happier about how it worked for this image! (Cute baby also doesn’t hurt). 


Also in love with using my new vintage washtub that I picked up a few weeks ago. Baby picture perfection! My personal philosophy when it comes to using props in a photoshoot is that less is more. I LOVE a timeless, classic image and I think that can only be created with minimal props that enhance the image, rather than to steal attention from the true subject of the portrait-the child! Looking through my website galleries you won’t see photos with a ton of props-and that is intentional. I strive to create timeless portrait photographs that won’t look like an out of date trend a few years from now. That being said I am always open to using frilly outfits and diaper covers. I am the mom to three little boys so I always joke about how I only really get to indulge my girly frilly pretty prop side when I have baby girls in my studio.


And for now I will add one more, of the adorable baby Peyton with her big brother. I work hard to make sure I get at least one awesome shot of SIBLINGS TOGETHER because I know as a mom, those are the pictures that just make your heart happy-when you get a great picture of your kids TOGETHER, HAPPY, with genuine expressions!

Lethbridge professional photography


I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about fall family photos. If you are desiring a fall family photoshoot with me, please book now for best fall color. With the recent cold snap I have a feeling we will lose a lot of leaves (and all the gorgeous color) very quickly here in Southern Alberta so book early to avoid disappointment. Email me through my contact page and let me know when you would like to get your photos done. I have limited availability but keep myself flexible to compensate for bad weather.

I know a certain mom who is waiting oh so patiently to see a sneak peek from this session, so here it goes. It was really really hard for me to narrow down which ones to show on here for the sneak peek, because there are seriously so many good ones. And I don’t want to show all the best ones now and then have the proof gallery be not as exciting, so remember, there are lots more to come!

First off, this one…. I took the top photo, on thanksgiving weekend 2014. Bottom photo from summer 2010. So fun to create an oldie but a goodie. I have the old one hanging in my studio actually, I always loved that one. Little brother’s expression here CRACKS ME UP. :)

Next up, a few cousin portraits. I think it’s so special to have your kids photographed with their cousins as well as with their own siblings. Bonus points because Grandma will LOVE you when she gets a beautiful photo of her beloved grandkids all together!

and to top off this little sneak peek… one that I LOVE of little brother. Because he was being a typical 6 year old boy, not at all interested in getting his photo taken… and I know moms can worry that we didn’t get anything good.

Normally I’d try and space out the sneak peeks but I know this little man’s parents have been waiting so patiently for this. It just took me awhile to get the new blog up and running and I really wanted to wait until it was ready to do any more blog posts. So here it is, Ewan’s newborn session sneak peek. Little Ewan was almost 3 weeks old when I photographed him, and he was set to prove me wrong (I usually say that babies older than 2 weeks can be difficult to get sleepy curled up poses). This little guy was an absolute doll baby and he really gave me baby fever. He was a big little guy, over 9lbs at birth. And totally covered in blonde fuzz, which just brings me right back to my youngest when he was a newborn, he was also almost 9lbs and a very hairy baby so little Ewan seriously reminded me so much of him… aww they grow up so fast!  Now my “baby” is almost 2! But anyways, back to Ewan…

I love this one, great eye contact.

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge newborn photographer

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge newborn photographer

sweet ewan - lethbridge newborn photographer

I have been waiting so long to use this hat and diaper cover set. So fun! Look how big he is, he fills that bowl out! I LOVE big newborns… they look like they are older but they curl up like the newborns they are… aww… can you tell I just love chubby babies?

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge baby photographer

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge newborn photographer

He was totally fast asleep but he opened his eyes up for a moment and I caught this next one… I LOVE it!

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge newborn photographer

This wagon was the best $25 I ever spent! I have been wanting to use it for a newborn session for awhile but it never worked out, until this session! I love it!

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge photographers

He looks like such a little peanut in this next one.

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge newborn photographer

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge newborn photographer


© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge newborn photographer

and for the last one, in my pom pom hat. Aww so cute.

© Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge photographer

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of newborn photography. If you are interested in booking a session with me please use the contact form (top right of this site) and send me a message!

In case you haven’t noticed, I love girly things! Ruffles, flower headbands, tutus, pearls… I am a sucker for it all and my studio is full of these things. Maybe it is a good thing God gave me boys because I would probably go broke outfitting my child if I had a girl. ANYWAYS… it is even more fun when a mom comes to a session with her own collection of adorable things, then we get to mix and match and play dress up!

Here is a sneak peek of the adorable miss Berkley, who was such a little doll and let us dress her up in many different outfits and take so many beautiful pictures.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge baby photographer

We incorporated this cherry blossom wreath to match Berkley’s bedroom theme. Wouldn’t this be absolutely adorable printed large and hung in her room?

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge professional photographer specializing in portraits of children

That last one just cracks me up, love that toothy grin!

Berkley is a farm girl so of course we had to throw in some pink John Deere boots!

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge portrait photographer

and last but not least, I have to show this one cause I think it is just too darn cute. I promise she only cried for a few seconds… but it was too cute not to share.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Southern Alberta Photographer specializing in newborns, babies and children

There is really nothing like a new baby, is there? The wrinkles, the dry skin, the adorable little faces they make in their sleep… the newborn stage is truly one of the most precious ages to capture in portraits. It’s an honor to be chosen to photograph these sweet little babies, and I truly enjoy working with each and every one.

Here is a sneak peek from my recent session with Arden.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge newborn photography

Arden came to my studio when she was both 12 and 13 days old (why? because on day 12 she didn’t really feel like being photographed!). On day 13 she decided she would pose oh so sweetly for me, and I love the images I was able to create at her session.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge professional photographer specializing in portraits of children

This next one is definitely one of my favorite newborn/family images ever. I love it.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge portrait photographer

If you are expecting and would like to have me photograph your new baby, please call or email me as soon as you can (before baby is born) or within a few days of baby arriving so that I can make room in my schedule. Newborns are best photographed within the first 14 days of life if possible.

Normally I don’t consider 6 weeks old a newborn, at least not photography wise… they usually won’t curl up for me, and can be difficult to get into a deep enough sleep for photos… but this little guy proved me wrong! He couldn’t come when he was a new-newborn because he lives 8 hours away from me, so he decided to be a perfect sleeping angel for me at this session (2 days shy of 6 weeks old)…

Just a quick sneak peek… these photos make me so happy because I am just so full of thanksgiving and joy for these two parents, who deserve every single second of happiness this little guy will bring them. He is such a blessing.

…and keeping with the theme of happiness… a sleep smile… my favorite thing to capture!

Happy Easter to everyone!

Just a little sneak peek of Otto… such a cutie. I will share more later.