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Fall is my favorite! I’m sure I have said that every year for the past 8 years I’ve been in business but it’s true. The light just seems different in the fall, and I LOVE it!

Today on my photography blog, I’m sharing a sneak peek from a recent outdoor mommy and me baby session. It’s not too late to book a session with me if you want to get your own family (or childrens) photos done in the fall, but book now because the leaves won’t stick around long (that’s the thing about Lethbridge, fall is SHORT thanks to our lovely wind).

I can’t wait to share more of these two beautiful ladies, but for now, I will leave you with these! Enjoy!


Just a quick one to share of this adorable newborn baby boy named Jaxon. He was a dream baby and it was so incredibly hard to pick one to share first, because I love all the photos from his photo session! More to come very soon!


Today I am going to share some photos from a recent newborn/baby session. At six weeks old, Nathan wasn’t quite a new newborn like some of the babies I photograph, but he also wasn’t very old! Sometimes waiting until they are 6-8 weeks old can result in really great photos, they are still tiny like a newborn but they also are able to make eye contact, and some even coo and smile. This little man had lots of smiles for me, just not for my camera unfortunately! But that is ok, I think we got lots of adorable photos of him and his gorgeous family.

I’m sharing a lot, because I had a lot of favorites!

I love that last one of the three siblings together! Sibling shots are always my favorite. Probably because as a mom I know how happy I am to get a good one of all my kiddos together!

three year old big sister was a bit of a tough cookie at first, not falling for any of my jokes or goofing around. But I did manage to get some adorable photos of her, like this next one, I love it! She is adorable!

This little guy had the best eyelashes! I don’t know why boys always get the best eyelashes, but they do.

I love his chubby little hands and arms… that is definitely a bonus to waiting a few weeks to do newborn pictures, they fill out more and have that adorable baby chub! melts my heart. I couldn’t get over how cute this little guy was… didn’t want to move him for fear of waking him up!

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I forgot to add these back in December when they were taken, but I thought they were too cute not to share. Here is a few favorite pictures from my studio photoshoot with baby Cooper. He was so cute! He definitely was a mommy’s little boy, no matter where she hid in my studio he tried his best to find her and look at her instead of me! But despite that I got him to look at me too, as you can see and we got some adorable photographs! He was such a charmer, I’m sure you will agree!


You’ll have to excuse my lateness in getting some sessions blogged this fall. I have a good excuse, I’ve been distracted. I’m expecting my third baby in early february, and I’ll be honest, getting all my work wrapped up+getting prepared for Christmas meant a few things had to give and that ended up being the blog! So I will try to get a few more sessions on here before my baby arrives, after which I will be taking a little bit of time off work. Please still email me if you’re interested in booking a session and I will let you know what my availability is like at that point but for now I am not taking on any new sessions for at least a few months.


Here are a few favorites from my baby photo session with Adam. He was so cute, so smiley and soooo very busy. Luckily it was his mom who had to chase him and not me because I am not so quick on my feet these days. Although he was a bit tough to pin down everytime we got him to stay still we got adorable photos so it was totally worth it! I love sessions like that, quick and easy!



This next one is my favorite, you just can’t help but smile when you see such a cute happy baby!

Here is a sneak peek of adorable 4 month old Ejay. This little baby boy came to have his pictures done a couple weeks ago in my studio and he was such a happy little guy, very sweet and easy to work with!

I LOVE this next one of Ejay and his mommy!  So precious. Clearly a very LOVED little boy!

the last one is for his monkey themed bedroom! Too cute!

I meant to post these a long time ago but I have not been feeling well and I am so grateful to my clients for being so patient with me! I am on the mend so hopefully you will see a lot more from me soon!

Here are a few favorites I wanted to share from my session with sweet baby Isla. I photographed her big brother when he turned one, so their parents brought Isla to me when she turned one as well. The focus was on Isla but we did do a couple with big brother as well, he was THE EASIEST 2 year old big brother I have ever worked with! If they could all be that easy! Isla took a little while to warm up to me but once she did I got some hiliarious expressions, and of course some adorable ones too… like this first one. LOVE IT!!!!! :-)

I adore this one with her big brother giving her a kiss! so sweet! oh man if we could only capture all those sweet moments between our kids, it would make all the fighting and bickering so much more tolerable! lol. not that these two fought, they really loved each other!!!

There is really nothing like a new baby, is there? The wrinkles, the dry skin, the adorable little faces they make in their sleep… the newborn stage is truly one of the most precious ages to capture in portraits. It’s an honor to be chosen to photograph these sweet little babies, and I truly enjoy working with each and every one.

Here is a sneak peek from my recent session with Arden.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge newborn photography

Arden came to my studio when she was both 12 and 13 days old (why? because on day 12 she didn’t really feel like being photographed!). On day 13 she decided she would pose oh so sweetly for me, and I love the images I was able to create at her session.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge professional photographer specializing in portraits of children

This next one is definitely one of my favorite newborn/family images ever. I love it.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge portrait photographer

If you are expecting and would like to have me photograph your new baby, please call or email me as soon as you can (before baby is born) or within a few days of baby arriving so that I can make room in my schedule. Newborns are best photographed within the first 14 days of life if possible.

This sweet little boy arrived just in time to make his family’s Christmas extra special. I was thrilled to photograph him at 8 days old, he was an angel baby! Slept soundly the whole time!

Since he is a precious early Christmas gift, his mom brought along a special ornament and bow for us to incorporate into the session.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2010 - Lethbridge professional photographer

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2010 - Lethbridge professional photographer specializing in portraits of newborns, babies and children

I just love the cuddling with mama shots!

I don’t know what it is about this family but they make the most perfect sleeping babies! I photographed big sister when she was a newborn too and both she and this cute little guy let us do so many “in daddy’s hands” poses. I usually find that the hardest to keep a baby sleeping through and both of their children just slept like a dream through pose after pose. I hope they have more babies just so I can photograph them! 😉

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2010 - Lethbridge newborn photography

I just got that pom pom hat and thought it would be fun to incorporate!

I nearly forgot to share one with my awesome, new to me antique bowl! LOVE IT!

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2010 - Lethbridge professional photographers

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2010 - Lethbridge baby and child photographer

My friend Melissa blog tagged me, and figured I’d use what precious little time I had during Parker’s nap to fill this out… cleaning the house can wait, LOL!

Egg Nog or Hot Choco​late?
Hot chocolate. Or the Caramel Apple Spice drink from Starbucks… just had that the other day and it was YUMMY.

Does Santa​ wrap prese​nts or just sit them under​ the tree?
I think he wraps them…

Color​ed light​s on tree/​house​ or white​?
white are my favorite but we have colored this year

Do you hang mistl​etoe?
no… but it is a good idea!

When do you put your decor​ation​s up?
first weekend in December-ish

What is your favor​ite holid​ay dish (​exclu​ding desse​rt)​?

Favor​ite holid​ay memor​y as a child​:
playing games with my family on Christmas Eve in our new Christmas pjs

When and how did you learn​ the truth​ about​ Santa​?
my parents actually never had us believe in Santa so I always knew… but I made sure never to tell the other kids who did believe

Do you open a gift on Chris​tmas Eve?
yes, Christmas pajamas!

How do you decor​ate your Chris​tmas Tree?
Ours is red and green and gold themed… with lots of homemade ornaments

Snow!​ Love it or Dread​ it?
love it for the week of Christmas, after that it can go away!

Can you ice skate​?

Do you remem​ber your favor​ite gift?
last year we found out we were expecting Parker about a week before Christmas… that was the best gift I’ve ever gotten…

What is the most impor​tant thing​ about​ the Holid​ays for you?
celebrating the birth of Christ and being with family

What is your favor​ite Holid​ay Desse​rt?
I like them all! But fudge is my favorite.

What is your favor​ite holid​ay tradi​tion?
I love them all… decorating the tree, wrapping presents, playing games with my family, exchanging gifts with my husband…

What tops your tree?
a star

Which​ do you prefe​r givin​g or recei​ving?
Giving… I love picking out the perfect gift…

What is your favor​ite Chris​tmas Song?
Carol of the bells.

Candy​ Canes​!​ Yuck or Yum?
I am not really a fan.

What do you want for Chris​tmas?
a good night’s sleep!

Do you atten​d an annua​l Chris​tmas Party​?

Do you dress​ up on Chris​tmas or wear PJs?
I wear pj’s on Christmas morning and most of the day, then wear something nice-ish for dinner.

Do you own a santa​ hat?
yup, in baby size! For photos!

Who do you norma​lly spend​ Chris​tmas with?
my family :)

and because I know it’s not fair to post without sharing at least one photo, here is a recent one from our “attempt at Christmas card” shoot… poor little guy wasn’t enjoying it much, then the next day he came down with his first cold… so I had to take what I could get! I’ll try to add more later…