Custom photography is for people looking for a different experience than those found with traditional studios. If you have never experienced custom photography before you will know it is for you if you are looking for a more personalized, artistic, and individualized approach to photography.

The images I capture will be real, they will be genuine, and hopefully you will agree that they capture the essence of your family, your child, your relationships.

From our first contact right through to the day I deliver your portraits, I strive to make the entire photographic experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. I know (as a mother and a photographer) how stressful it can be to get your family all ready, choose outfits, and hope your kids will cooperate. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about it whether or not the photographer will do a good job! That is why choosing a professional with years of experience is a must. I am extremely patient and I know that children are unpredictable. Don’t worry! I haven’t yet had to refund a session fee, I ensure my clients always walk away with beautiful photos of their children.

You can choose to have a session in your own home, a studio session, or an outdoor portrait session. Please remember that outdoor sessions will need to be scheduled at certain times of day for optimum light and are often rescheduled due to weather.

Newborns and babies are almost always photographed in my studio but I prefer to work with older children and families outside if possible.

Your images will be ready to be viewed within 2-3 weeks of your portrait session. Payment for portrait orders must be received in full at the time of ordering.

Cash, cheques, VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted for payment.
Remember that quality takes time, but I promise that once your order is ready I will call you right away!


Do you shoot film or digital?
I am a digital photographer. I use a professional digital camera; and the prints I offer are of the absolute highest quality, printed on professional photo paper and ordered from a professional lab that is used by some of the world’s top photographers.

How much should we expect to spend?
There is no required minimum purchase – I want you to purchase only portraits that you love – however, typically clients plan to invest at least $500. The average investment ranges from $750 to $2000 — a budget that allows you to furnish your home with beautiful wall portraits that your family will cherish forever, albums and gift portraits.

Do you give away the rights to your photos when I buy the prints? Can I scan or photocopy them?
No. I retain the copyright to every image I produce. Copying, scanning or altering my images (even after you have purchased the prints) is illegal and punishable by law. This can result in huge fines, which will be pursued when copyright violation is discovered. For copies of images, please contact me.

Can I buy the negatives/digital files?
Yes, the digitally retouched and enhanced files from your session are available to be purchased.

I think it is important to stress that I am not in the business of just shooting images and handing them to my clients on a disk. Although it is common to see photographers who hand the (often unfinished) digital files over to you, rather than providing you with what you came to them for-beautiful finished artwork for your walls and albums-I do not choose to run my business in such a fashion. I work¬† to plan, create, decorate your home with, and in the end deliver my clients finished portraits, that they will treasure for a lifetime. I do make digital files available for those who truly desire them (whether for archiving or their own printing use), but I’m a photographic artist, not a mere shooter, and the main thing I am selling is my art.