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August is almost over, that means there’s only one more day to order a Be Filled Paisley frame for 20% off! The Paisley is my favorite style of photo frame that Be Filled sells.

Here is a photo of my 20×24 teal Paisley frame I have hanging in my family room. I just love this frame, it is the biggest of all the Be Filled frame styles, and it really makes a statement.

Contact me to order a paisley frame by tomorrow night if you want this deal!

I’m so excited to announce I am now officially a dealer of Be Filled frames!

If you haven’t yet heard of Be Filled, it is a picture frame company run by my friend Tiffany. Tiffany has the most amazing sense of style (I have consulted her many times for advice on decorating my own home, she truly has an eye for design). She loves to decorate her own home with photographs, and especially loves to display them in cute frames. She is one smart woman because she saw an opportunity to start her own fancy frame business, which is absolutely thriving! It is so awesome to finally be able to get cute frames right here in Lethbridge without having to pay expensive shipping costs. Tiff also sells the most adorable day planners ever which you can also see on her website!

There are four frame styles to choose from, in 10 different colors. You can also get any of the designs as a stacked frame, which is incredibly adorable (basically just what it says, a frame stacked on top of another frame).

Here’s a preview of the four styles available…

four styles of be filled frames


As far as colors, you can choose from black, charcoal grey, light grey, russet brown, dark brown, pink, olive green, deep red, pink, purple, baby blue, teal, yellow and cream. I have samples available of every color as well as frame style if you want to see one for yourself.

If you are interested in ordering a frame please give me a call or email me!

To celebrate this new addition to my product line, I am giving away a free 8×10 frame! To enter to win it, leave a comment here on this blog post telling me which frame style and color you would like to win! You also need to go to my facebook page, and like my page as well as the post where I am announcing the contest! A winner will be picked at random by Feb 6. (contest limited to those who can meet/pickup frame in the Lethbridge area)

ALSO from now until Valentines day, order any frame in red or pink and get 25% off (single styles only, no stacks included in this sale).

Well I may be a bit late in saying this but Happy New Year! 2014 will be my 8th year as a photographer! Isn’t that incredible? Hard to believe but when I see some of the babies that I photographed my first year, now walking around as 7/8 year olds I know it is true! I am so thankful for all of my incredible clients that I’ve had over the years and I truly hope to work with you all again in the future!

I know the blog has been very quiet this past year. As most of you know I took some time off to enjoy my third little baby… he’s not so little anymore though, he is 11 months old already. :(  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time off just trying to savor every precious baby cuddle and… well let’s be honest  just trying to figure out life with 3 kids and find that mom/work balance (if anyone has found that perfect balance please let me know!)

I definitely plan to get back into business soon but please be advised I will be taking a limited number of sessions each month so please let me know in advance if you are pregnant and wanting a newborn session so we can get you on the schedule.



I have some exciting announcements coming soon so be sure to check back. New product offerings!! But for now I will just leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the cutest baby who ever lived… (no bias there LOL). He was 4 months old back then… he already looks so different!

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copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge baby, child, and newborn photographer

copyright Jenna Slomp Photography - Lethbridge professional photographer

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge child photography

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge professional photographer specialzing in family portraits

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge photographer

Can’t believe it…

I can not ever remember another year going by this fast.

My little baby, the precious little newborn I just brought home from the hospital is suddenly turning one.

It’s a lot to celebrate, not only is it exciting that the little guy is one, but it’s exciting that we made it through our first year as parents, our first year as a family. A year full of a lot of fun, laughter, sleepless nights, endless smiles, coos, crying, diapers, laundry, firsts, and especially love.

I wanted to try and get a few cute images to use for the first birthday invitation… of course I left it until almost the last minute and only got a few good minutes of cooperation but I think it was a success!

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge professional photographer

had to include his puppy since he loves it so much…
copyright Jenna Slomp Photography 2009

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge baby photography

In true Southern Alberta style it was windy on the day I wanted to do this… and helium balloons only last a matter of hours so we had to just go with it… oh well it just adds to the cuteness.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge photographer

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge professional photographer

I wanted to try just one more thing before deciding on the invite pictures… so the next day we did a few like this…

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge photographer

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge baby photographer

Oh yeah, how could I forget, here is the invite I settled on…


copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge baby photography


copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge baby photographer

Well as my faithful blog readers have pointed out to me, it’s been awhile since I updated the blog, and I have a very good reason for that, I have been enjoying the summer with my baby! I realized all of a sudden that he is going to be a year old before I know it, and this is his first summer and it is going by way too fast! So I decided to take the month of July off.

Speaking of being almost one, I thought I would share a couple fun photos. One of the best decisions I made after my son’s birth was to join a mommy/baby group. It was so wonderful to have other new moms to talk to who were experiencing the same things at the same time. Most of us have stayed close even since the class we were in ended, and now that all of our babies are almost one, we decided we wanted to do a group photo of them.

I agreed to take it, on one condition, that they didn’t expect perfection, because you just can’t expect perfection when you try to do a photo of 8 (almost) one year olds at the same time. I was very nervous about what we would get…

Anyways, I think they turned out to be pretty darn perfect… a perfect depiction of a group of 8 babies anyways!

copyright Jenna Slomp Photography 2009

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge photographer

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2009 - Lethbridge baby photographer

And yes, they are all boys! How crazy is that? I swear there was a major baby boy boom last year about this time.

I have had quite a few requests for some updated pictures of my little guy on the blog so here we go… a few for now.

I can’t believe he is 9 months old… it makes me sad, it goes by so fast… my little sweetheart is getting to be a big boy already…

Everyone comments that I must have hundreds of portraits of him but I really don’t… I have hundreds upon hundreds of snapshots, but as for “going to the studio” for pictures we don’t do that very often… he is a very happy baby and he does cooperate pretty well but only for short periods of time (like a few minutes here, a few minutes there). After a couple minutes in studio he looks at me like, “mom, what are we doing, let’s go play now!”… and then refuses to look at my camera. It’s quite funny he actually makes a big show of looking intently at everything ELSE in the room but me…

So I try not to do it too often so that he won’t get too sick of seeing me with a camera in front of my face… plus the fact that I am working and don’t have a ton of free time these days!

I have lots of plans for some more images of my little bub so if all goes according to plan I should have more to share soon.

Oh and we were up in Calgary last month and had the chance to go visit my friend Danna, she is an amazing photographer and she offered to take a few of us so of course I took her up on that offer! I wanted photos of Parker and I together, I think it is so important for moms to be in the photos too, not just always behind the camera… Danna shared a few favorites on her blog, you can check them out here, I am so in love with the images she captured of us and I am soooo beyond grateful to her.

I know a lot of you have been checking the blog in anticipation… so I am very happy to announce that our little Parker Greyson arrived on September 1, 2008 (yes, I was in labor on labor day!). He was 7lbs, 5oz and 19.25″ long… he has blue eyes, light brown hair and… it has a little bit of curl in it (not that that really matters… but you know how small things like curly hair make me happy).

He is a healthy, and so far happy baby and we have been so blessed… we are just totally smitten with him. I will try to share pictures soon!

I have had some clients trying to contact me, just wanted to say I am not ignoring you, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I know I’ve made a few comments about how I’ve been bad about updating the blog during the new year, but never really explained why… so I figured it was time to spill the beans…

My excuse is… I have been very busy, growing a baby! :-)  It’s exhausting!

I find that besides shooting sessions, and editing images, I don’t have a lot of energy left for anything else… but I know how many of you like reading my blog so I am making an effort to update it more frequently… I have lot of great images to share in the next couple weeks!

I know ultrasound pictures can be so confusing, so I’ll try to explain, that limb up by the head is a leg and a foot. What a good little baby, already practicing  curled up poses for upcoming newborn sessions with me!!

I thought I would share a tip for improving your personal snapshots… (disclaimer, this is just a simple tip for beginners using point and shoot cameras, not a textbook lesson!). It’s such a simple tip but it really makes a difference in the quality of your photos…

Are you ready? Here is my tip… turn off your flash!

That might sound crazy to some but *under certain circumstances*, turning OFF the on camera flash on a point and shoot camera will actually improve your snapshots. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-flash. Flash is
often necessary for freezing motion, and adding light to a dark room to obtain a proper exposure (among other things). I like flash when the small light source is diffused (by bouncing it off something, or when shooting through a softbox). I just don’t like the harshness of flash when coming directly from the small source on top of a point and shoot camera (where you don’t have the ability to bounce or diffuse the light). When using such a camera, I prefer to turn the flash off completely.

Remember, I said this would work under certain circumstances… that means that in order to take a good photograph without flash you will need adequate ambient light (like from a nice big window, or from being outside in the daylight), and if you are not shooting in manual mode (where you can control the shutter speed) you will need a relatively still subject.

Let’s say you wanted to take a nice photo of Suzy on her 4th birthday. You could do what you would usually do and line her up against a wall in a moderately lit room, turn your camera on (leaving the flash on) and take a snapshot; but you will most likely end up with unflattering lighting, harsh shadows, and the dreaded red eye (or just little pindots of light in the eyes that are just as unflattering).

My suggestion for a much more flattering photograph, is to take little Suzy near the biggest window you can find, and position her facing it, or at an angle to it. Watch how the light from the window reflects in her eyes (you should see a nice window shaped catchlight in her eyes). Essentially you will be replacing the light from your flash with the light from this window (a much larger, softer source of light). Turn your camera on, but this time go into your flash settings and turn the flash off and then compose and take your photo.

You can see what a difference this little tip makes by taking two identical shots in a row, one with flash, the next without. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference it makes!

And like I said earlier, sometimes flash really is necessary, so remember to turn your flash back on when you are taking photos of the children running around and playing at her party (especially indoors), or when you are taking a photo of Suzy blowing out her candles!

For more photography tips from some other great photographers – check out this article by Casual Moment’s Pam Nafziger: