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This was such a fun engagement session for me because 1) it was for my brother in law and future sister in law, and 2) I forgot how easy it is to pose big people! LOL. They stay where you put them and they smile when you ask them too… no quacking or silly antics involved from me. Sort of a nice break! (not that I mind having to work so hard as a children’s photographer but it was nice to work with adults too). It was fun to go to a few different locations around Lethbridge too, as you can probably see in these photos we were all over the city!

Here are… well lets face it, here are A LOT of favorites from their engagement photo session. Enjoy!


And last but not least the paint fight… I can’t take credit (or responsibility LOL) for this idea, they found it on pinterest. Just a warning if you try this yourself, bring towels to sit on in your car for the ride home! :-)


As you may have noticed on my website, I primarily photograph babies and children. I don’t do a lot of weddings these days, but this summer I agreed to photograph Shantel and Chad’s beautiful wedding and I had a lot of fun working with them and their very fun bridal party.

Here is a sneak peek from the wedding… hope you enjoy it!

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Aren’t those the greatest shoes? DESIGNED by the bride and ordered online. Too cool!