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I was so honored to be asked to photograph this extended family session because I spent a lot of time in this backyard, with this lovely family, when I was a kid. It really doesn’t feel like it was that long ago at all… but in the same way feels like it’s been forever! It’s always cool to see how the people you grew up with, grow up and have families of their own. I couldn’t ask for a nicer family to work with and I really had fun reconnecting with them all.

In typical Lethbridge fashion, we had to deal with gale force winds during this family photo session. But despite the wind blowing everyone’s hair every which way, I am really happy with the photographs from this session. I am almost finished the gallery and I’m excited to show them to the family, but for now, here is a sneak peek of a few that stood out at me… more to come soon!

*just a note, I notice when viewing this blog on a mobile device the photos can sometimes be a bit blurry, if that happens click on the actual photo to see it the way it is supposed to look!

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This sweet boy looks so much like his mama…
Schipper27 Schipper63

There’s something about this last one that I just love. It might be my favorite.


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday with your families.

I know, it’s been a long time since I updated this blog, and I’m sorry!

This has been such a beautiful fall, I’m sure I am not the only photographer in Lethbridge who has been loving this warm weather, (minus the windy days of course).

Here are a few sneak peeks from a recent fall family photo session. I am so thankful for amazing clients who come back to me as their family grows. I first met this family when the oldest son was just a little guy, I believe he was 4. It’s been a pleasure to watch this family grow and photograph them as they do!

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I know a certain mom who is waiting oh so patiently to see a sneak peek from this session, so here it goes. It was really really hard for me to narrow down which ones to show on here for the sneak peek, because there are seriously so many good ones. And I don’t want to show all the best ones now and then have the proof gallery be not as exciting, so remember, there are lots more to come!

First off, this one…. I took the top photo, on thanksgiving weekend 2014. Bottom photo from summer 2010. So fun to create an oldie but a goodie. I have the old one hanging in my studio actually, I always loved that one. Little brother’s expression here CRACKS ME UP. :)

Next up, a few cousin portraits. I think it’s so special to have your kids photographed with their cousins as well as with their own siblings. Bonus points because Grandma will LOVE you when she gets a beautiful photo of her beloved grandkids all together!

and to top off this little sneak peek… one that I LOVE of little brother. Because he was being a typical 6 year old boy, not at all interested in getting his photo taken… and I know moms can worry that we didn’t get anything good.

Just a quick one to share for now, LOVE love love family portraits in the fall! I always wait til the fall to update my own family portraits as well… (NOT that I want to discourage you from getting family pictures done anytime of the year!).


I am not officially “back to work” yet, still taking some time to enjoy my newest sweet little baby boy and adjust to this whole “life with three kids thing”… but when a special person called me and asked if I would do some family portraits for her while all her kids (and grandkids) were together in one city I couldn’t say no! I had so much fun working with this big family, everyone was so sweet and lovely and easy to work with (something that can’t always be said of big groups!).

There are many more photos to choose from so I definitely had a hard time narrowing it down  to show a few on my blog. This family has been waiting so patiently for a sneak peek so here it is, I should be done all of the photos soon, but for now I really hope you enjoy these!

I was having so much fun at this session-it was brutally hot BUT I could not complain because we had such a great location, and such cooperative fun subjects! oh and I can’t forget to mention the donkey audience! LOL. :)

Here are a few of my favorites from a recent fall family session in the riverbottom. This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of working with this family, but last time there were only 3 of them. Now they have 2 adorable little girls! I love all of the sibling interaction shots we got of the two girls together… so sweet. I have a feeling these girls will grow up to be best friends!

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It’s family portrait season! Seriously there is something about fall that makes everyone think of family pictures. You should be too! If you are interested in booking a family photography session with me please email me or call me right away, my schedule is booking up really quickly. If you want the beautiful fall color the best time to do your session is before the 2nd week in October (in my opinion) because we all know the Lethbridge wind loves to kick in and blow all those beautiful leaves off the trees right in the beginning of October.

Here are a few favorites from a summer session with a very sweet family, I enjoyed working with them!

this little guy was so adorable, love his personality, here’s another one I loved of him…

Kaylee’s mom first brought her to my studio when she was just a teensy little baby, and that was 6 years ago already! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. A lot of the babies on my website are turning 6 this year and it just seems entirely crazy to me that so much time has passed.

I also got to work with Kaylee when she was a full of energy toddler, but this was my first time photographing Logan. He was a little bit of a tough nut to crack at first, being 2 and loving the word, “no!” but he also loves the word, “vroom vroom” as in, Lightning Mcqueen. So I pulled out one of the many CARS we have around here and after that Logan was a doll. Just had to let the “vroom vroom” take some of the pictures!

This first one is my favorite, I love when I get a great sibling shot, it makes me so happy to see the connections and the love. I love how they are holding hands.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge child photographer

I love when we can include mom in the photos. As a mom I fully understand the reasons women have for putting off being in their family pictures, but I think it is so important! Your kids will love to look back years from now and see how pretty and how young you were! They will not be thinking anything negative, they’ll just be happy to have photos of you, and especially photos that show how much you loved your little ones… and remember mother’s day is coming up! A photo session with your kidlets would be a great gift to get this year, don’t you think? :-)
copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2012 - Lethbridge professional photographer specializing in portraits of children

My very favorite background to shoot against is backlit trees in the fall. I love the glow that the light creates behind the trees, it just makes the colors pop even more than they did before… fall is my favorite! Here is a sneak peek of a recent family session.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Southern Alberta Photographer specializing in newborns, babies and children

The last time I photographed this adorable family, there was only 4 of them. Now as you can see there is 5, and so we wanted to recreate the family hand shot we did last time to include baby brother.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge professional child photographer

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek, now go outside and enjoy this beautiful fall weather! I know I am!

I’m a bit behind on updating my blog so bear with me, I’m working on it! It has been a busy summer… not just business wise but life in general.

Here are a few of my favorites from my session with Alexa. I just love her red hair, seriously is there anything cuter?

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge professional photographer specializing in newborns, babies and children

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge baby photographer

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Southern Alberta Photographer specializing in newborns, babies and children

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge portrait photographer

these last two are my favorites… so so so cute. Love her expressions.

copyright © Jenna Slomp Photography 2011 - Lethbridge family portrait photographer