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So… in a previous post I alluded to the fact that I was expecting a baby in February… and since then the blog has been totally abandoned, sorry for that! So many times I have thought about writing this post and then just as soon as the thought enters my head, it is replaced by someone crying, or needing something, or something urgent needing to be done. In fact I started this draft 4 weeks ago and just realized I never published it!

We welcomed our third baby boy to our family in mid February, and as you can imagine, life has been busy. I did have a chance to do some newborn photos of him but I still haven’t gotten around to editing most of them, or printing them, or sharing them online! My brain feels more than a little overwhelmed, most of the time. I’m sure all you moms can relate. Anyways, here are some pictures of my sweet baby boy, who is now already 12 weeks old (I can’t believe that!). He is such a sweet baby and we are so totally in love with him. Watch the blog for more photos to come (hopefully… eventually!).

If you’ve contacted me lately, I apologize for my delay in responding… email is definitely the best way to get in touch with me at this time as I am taking some time off of work but please don’t let that stop you from sending me a message if you think you’d like to hire me to photograph your family! At some point in the near future I do plan to start taking sessions again, date to be announced. In the meantime I am taking names for my wait list and trying my best to enjoy every precious second with my new little man (and my two bigger boys) because as we all know this time goes by so so so fast and it’s just too important to miss.

Oh yeah, now that I’ve rambled on long enough here are a few photos from our newborn photoshoot(s). Yes that is plural because taking my own newborn’s portraits is so incredibly hard that I could only seem to do it for a few hours here or there and then have to quit and try another day!

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