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Kaylee’s mom first brought her to my studio when she was just a teensy little baby, and that was 6 years ago already! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. A lot of the babies on my website are turning 6 this year and it just seems entirely crazy to me that so much time has passed.

I also got to work with Kaylee when she was a full of energy toddler, but this was my first time photographing Logan. He was a little bit of a tough nut to crack at first, being 2 and loving the word, “no!” but he also loves the word, “vroom vroom” as in, Lightning Mcqueen. So I pulled out one of the many CARS we have around here and after that Logan was a doll. Just had to let the “vroom vroom” take some of the pictures!

This first one is my favorite, I love when I get a great sibling shot, it makes me so happy to see the connections and the love. I love how they are holding hands.

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I love when we can include mom in the photos. As a mom I fully understand the reasons women have for putting off being in their family pictures, but I think it is so important! Your kids will love to look back years from now and see how pretty and how young you were! They will not be thinking anything negative, they’ll just be happy to have photos of you, and especially photos that show how much you loved your little ones… and remember mother’s day is coming up! A photo session with your kidlets would be a great gift to get this year, don’t you think? :-)
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