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Just a little sneak peek of Otto… such a cutie. I will share more later.

The last time I saw Blayke, this is what he looked like…

Now here he is, one year later…

This little guy gave me so many smiles. He was very quick and hard to pin down but when we did catch him the results were fabulous. So many adorable ones to choose from. This is just a little sneak peek for his mom and dad. More to come, that’s for sure!

If you guessed that the hint was “mini sessions” then you guessed right! I am sending a starbucks gift card to those who guessed correctly.

I had an extra day open up on my March calendar and I thought I would try something new and different… I am definitely in the mood for spring but it is still yucky looking outside. So I thought I would do some mini sessions with fun spring colored backdrops, but in studio.

I know it is last minute so there are only a few spots available. If they fill up quickly and there is a lot of interest, I may open up a few more times. Maybe… :-)

The images will be similar to the ones I shared of my baby in the previous post. One backdrop, one “look” (such as baby in diaper, or one outfit if you prefer). A few select props will be available but for the most part the focus will be on your child (which it should be of course!). I hope I didn’t confuse anyone with the previous post talking so much about the 6-9 month age, your child DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A BABY to participate in the mini sessions. If you have a 1 or a 4 or even an 8 year old, you can still book a mini session!

These sessions are for you if…
-you have experienced a full session with me before & just want a few updated photos of your child at this stage

-you are planning a full family or outdoor session with me in the future but just want a few studio images of your child at this stage

-you don’t want to invest in a full session at the moment but would like a few beautiful, professional images of your child right now, without a lot of variety

These sessions are NOT for you if…

-you want the full experience of a session with me: including the choice of an outdoor location, clothing &/or backdrop changes, and as much time as necessary to get the images you crave

-you want to see a lot of variety from our session, including a lot of different expressions from your child

-your child is under 4 months of age. 15 minutes is just not enough time to adequately capture a child younger than 4 months old

-your child is extremely shy and takes longer than 5-10 min to warm up to a new person (please note I work kids all the time with no problem, and understand they take a little while to warm up, but if your child is EXTREMELY shy, a mini session is not for you)

-you want a photo with other family members included (these images will just be of one child at a time)

THIS is my favorite age. To photograph and to be a mommy.

Whenever people ask me what my favorite age is to photograph, I tell them this age, between 6-9 months-when they are sitting on their own. I just LOVE photographing sitting babies… they look so cute, they give you so many expressions, and it is so nice that they are not mobile yet! They just sit where you put them!

This was just a little mini session with Parker but true to form he was Mr. Expression and I got a ton of adorable images. Parker is such a happy baby, he is always smiling and laughing… I am very, very blessed.

Anyways, enough chit chat, here are some more pictures… I have way more favs but a limited amount of time so this is it for now!

Remember I spoke of exciting things to come? Well somewhere in this post is a hint. Watch the blog tomorrow!!! If you can guess what I am going to announce, send me an email or leave a comment with your guess and if you guess right you will win a prize (anyone can enter-even if you are a photographer friend you can still win something!).

Quinten (isn’t that such a cute name?) was only 6lbs, 1 oz. I photographed him at 13 days old and he was still sooo tiny… after I was done with our session I went and looked at my 5 month old and couldn’t believe how big he suddenly looked to me!
Quinten was such a good little sleeper… he was happy as can be, no fussing. Just slept and let me pose him! Here are a few favorites from our session.

I love that stretching one with the little smile… so sweet!

and this next one… if you look really closely you can see that he has the most gorgeous long blonde eyelashes…

Whew, that took me a long time… I still have more favorites but I think that is enough for now.

Just thought I’d do a teaser post about all the exciting things I have planned for spring and summer with Jenna Slomp Photography. Stay tuned to the blog for some fun contests and promotions…

I should have some announcements in the next week or so… In the meantime I also thought I’d let you know that you can check out my facebook page here… I haven’t been utilizing it much but now that you can post updates for your fans I will definitely be updating the page with the latest news, promotions, and of course images. So if you are on facebook a lot, and want to stay up to date with Jenna Slomp Photography that way, be sure to become a fan!

Just a quick one of little Eli. He wasn’t feeling very well so I think we will be doing a little mini reshoot to get a few more expressions. But I thought I’d share these for now…

Lethbridge Baby Photographer

This blog has been driving me crazy! I have been trying to upload several different sneak peeks for clients and it is so temperamental… it hasn’t been letting me! Luckily today it decided to cooperate, so here is one of newborn Gracen… such a cutie. More to come, I hope (blog willing that is!).