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Clients keep asking me why I haven’t shared any recent images of my nephew Sam…

I will tell you why… Sam got very mobile (crawling) during my pregnancy when I became less mobile and extremely exhausted… You might be thinking, “That didn’t stop you from chasing all of your baby clients” and you’re right, because they are way easier to photograph than Sam (said with so much love!)… This was during a stage (that I am not sure he is out of yet) where Sam was a little ball of energy who had absolutely no interest in looking at his aunt’s camera. (He gives me so many huge smiles all the time-when the camera isn’t out… but the minute it comes out he wants nothing to do with me…) and he was fast! That or he would throw a big fit and just refuse to cooperate… Add that to the fact that I was very busy with clients during that time period (basically until my maternity leave started), and it ended up that I just had no energy left over after I was done working to try and wrangle Sam for a photoshoot.

Here are a few of the last images I got of him, just shy of 10 months old way back in the beginning of the year (I don’t know why never shared these on the blog)…

In late July I decided that no matter how little energy I had, or how hard it was going to be, I had to get him out for one last photo shoot before his new cousin arrives, because it had been 6 months since his last photos were taken by me, and he has changed so much! He had just started walking (started walking about a week before these were taken actually) and was such a pro! He LOVES to walk now, he won’t sit still, so Aunty had to waddle around and chase him but in the end I think we got some really cute images… it just makes me smile everytime I see these. I love that little stinker… even if he is my hardest subject to photograph.

This one of him walking away chokes me up and he is not even my baby! I just can’t believe he is such a little boy now instead of a baby…

This was hard, we wanted a nice one of him with my sister but he just wanted to walk away!! So we had to take what we could get!

These last two are my favorites… his hair is soo red in certain lights… I absolutely love the giggle…

This was one of the most re-energizing, inspiring, fun sessions I have had in a long time… it thrilled me because I got so many of the images I have been wanting to capture… the thing with newborn sessions (at least in my opinion) is you can go into it with a plan but at the end of the day you are limited by what that baby will let you do… and I am happy to say that 7 day old baby Cashton let me do pretty much whatever I wanted. He was a delightful sleeper, so easy to work with. I just love all of the images from his session… in fact it was incredibly hard to narrow them down just to show here on the blog… so there are a lot!

I am really praying that my little baby (who still isn’t here yet by the way-3 days late now!) lets me get as least as many good newborn shots of him as I did of Cashton… if that happens I will be one happy mama!

For all of you who have been wondering, yup I’m still around, no baby here yet… it should be any day now! I’ll keep you updated!

I thought I’d use some of my “waiting” time to share some recent favorites of Owen… I had shared a sneak peek of him here.

He had so much personality! I loved all the cute expressions he made, it made proofing hard because I didn’t want to cut any!

One of my favorite families to photograph came back to visit me with their new baby girl! I just love watching families grow and change and getting to capture that for them.

Here are some of my favorites from Kianna’s session. She is so adorable… love those brown eyes. I could honestly share all of the images if I had the time, it was a great session.

This basket belongs to Kianna’s mom, she brought it along thinking it would be a fun prop! I think it was!

I just love the interaction with her big brother… so sweet how she is touching his face. I got a lot of really funny images of the two of them together as well, here are a couple…

oh and one last one… the sad little bunny… that coat is just too adorable but she wasn’t loving being in it!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the promise I made to update the blog, I am just trying to get all the kinks (it’s all USER ERROR-LOL) worked out on the new one. It’s hard to go from what you knew to a new way of doing things but in the end I think this will be much better. I love that I can showcase big images…

Here are some of my favorite images from my session with 14 day old Taylor. They are special to me because she is the daughter of one of my very best girlfriends… I waited patiently for 9 whole months for this session!!! Poor Taylor didn’t really enjoy much of our session but luckily she slept like a dream for the first half hour, in which we got most of these!