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I know I have been neglecting the blog lately… I came down with a really bad summer cold recently that pretty much knocked me off my feet for a whole week (being pregnant I of course couldn’t take anything for it) but I am back at it, working hard to get caught up.

I am not taking any more sessions before I go on maternity leave, and am currently working in the office just finishing up ordering & packaging prints so that I can “hopefully” have a week or two of rest before my baby arrives. I will be taking sessions again come January of 2009, and I already have a waiting list started so if you are wanting a session with me for that time period, let me know now so I can reserve a spot for you (I am not booking actual dates yet, but those on the list will have first choice of available dates when I do open up my calendar).

Oh and I will be unveiling a new blog very soon so KEEP CHECKING BACK!! I still have some recent sessions to showcase; and I will definitely be posting pictures of my own little bundle of joy when the time comes.

I promised I’d share more, so here she is, one day before her first birthday! I love this age, they are mobile but not quite running away from me yet (at least not very fast!).

Here are a few with her beautiful mom…









I always like the crying ones… I don’t know why… this was how she let us know we were done for the day!

Here is a quick sneak peek of 7month old Owen. Such a little cutie.


I had a lot of fun working with this beautiful mom and her family… Normally I try and do maternity sessions before 36 wks, just in case baby comes early, but between both of our schedules we ended up having to do the session at 37 wks. Thank goodness we did it when we did, because not even 1 week after our session (6 days), her baby was born! We were so thankful that he waited for his mom to get the pictures she wanted first!

Just a sneak peek for now…


and because I can’t resist… 1 of their beautiful baby, 7 days old… I am in love with the images from little Cashton’s session… I will definitely be sharing more soon!