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My first girl newborn in a very long time!!!!

Emerson was so sweet. So tiny. She was only 5lbs, 10oz when she was born and she was still really small and squishy when she came to me. She slept perfectly, and when she was awake she was so alert for a newborn.









I would love to have a boy and a girl, and I hope that they get along as well and love each other as much as these two do…

No I did not just pull that subject line out of thin air, I was just reading 2 very interesting articles on this very subject.

So many times I hear parents say, "I really want all the pictures but I don’t want my house to feel like a "shrine" with x’s portraits everywhere"… For those of you who have felt that way, here are some compelling arguments for why you should consider decorating your home with your child’s portraits instead of just tucking them away in an album.

Here is a link to the articles…

Decorating with Photographs can help boost your child’s self confidence.


The Power of Using Photographs in Your Child’s Room.

I love fall. LOVE fall. Can’t stress the word LOVE enough. LOVE IT.  Even before I was a photographer I loved fall. I love the crispness in the air. I love being able to wear light sweaters again. I love the color, oh the color… I love the crunching of the leaves. I love EVERYTHING about fall.

And oh my gosh… the photoshoots. Why can’t it be fall all year? I would be the happiest girl alive if it were fall all year. If you are looking for beautiful outdoor portraits you cannot beat this time of year.

Case in point, my session from monday. I promised mom a sneak peek, so here it is… this little guy was sooooooooooo cute, so much fun to work with, I spent way more time than I needed to at this session because I just couldn’t get enough of him, he is so photogenic!




To say that these kids were gorgeous, well behaved, and a ton of fun to work with… would be a huge understatement… these kids were perfect. Perfect! Oh my gosh I cannot believe how hard it is going to be to edit the images down to a reasonable number. Here are a few that I snagged for a sneak peek for their parents…


The other night my nephew was in a really good mood and he was doing his typical "Sam-behavior" where he shrieks really loud, and then throws his weight forward into whoever is holding him and loudly munches on his hands (sort of like a growl). And this time, I happened to be holding him, and instead of munching on his hands, he grabbed both sides of my hair (that was in a ponytail-he pulled it straight out), shrieked, and then started chewing on my face… I was laughing through the pain… what a bully he is to poor aunty!

Anyways, today I was thinking about that crazy bully behavior and it made me laugh and think about these pictures I got, almost 2 months ago, when he was 3.5 months old. I realized that I never shared them on the blog so here they are… just a couple showing his classic "Sam-behavior".

This is the munching that happens right after the shrieking…




He is a loud child… just like his mother! Always shrieking! LOL.


Of course these are old and I have updated sessions, I’ll be sharing those soon… he is almost 6 months old! It has gone by so fast!

A few favorites from our session together…

Shay is 1 years old and so cute. He gave me a lot of serious faces but in the end I was very happy with what I got of him. This first one is one of my favorites…




Big sister Brooklyn was a lot of fun too, 3 years old and so very cute!





I  loved these ones of Brooklyn pushing her baby brother on the swing. She tried so hard she fell over a couple times!!! But so cute, look at how happy Shay is!





As most of you know, the custom photography service I offer is very personal, and includes a lot of attention to detail. As such I do need several weeks between shooting your session and delivering your order (including ordering from my lab-it takes them time to produce the high quality products I provide).

In order to ensure that your prints & cards are here in time for Christmas, I have to set deadlines for sessions & for orders to be in.

Are you wanting your order delivered by Christmas?
This year the cutoff date to have your session (for those wanting Christmas delivery) is November 3, 2007.

The deadline to have your order placed and paid for (in time for Christmas delivery) is November 19, 2007.

It is important to note that my calendar is filling up very quickly for fall sessions. If you are planning on booking a session with me for September or October of this year, please contact me ASAP. It is important to me to be able to get you in, but once my schedule is full, it’s full!

Please note: Jenna Slomp Photography will not be accepting any sessions in December with the exception of maternity and newborn clients.

Skylar is on my milestones plan, but her mom didn’t find out about me until she was already 6 weeks old so this was considered her newborn session at 7 weeks old… she did really well for such an in between age. She is so cute, I love her hair! Such a pretty baby. Here’s some favorites…











This little guy was 12 days old when he came to me. He was so cute! I loved how much hair he had, soooo sweet! It was a bit hard to get him to sleep (being 12 days old) but once he was asleep he was such a good little poser for me. Lots of favorites here.








this last one was Dad’s favorite, can’t wait to see it hung in their home…