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I have so many sessions to show you (and finish proofing) but I couldn’t resist sharing this one I got while babysitting my little nephew the other day. Pretty much every time he is here I take at least a few snapshots, but since I had just completed a session and had everything set up, I decided to take a couple quick updated portraits. Well Sam loves tummy time so I got lots of smiles, but this one at the end of our mini session just makes me laugh and I had to share…

This is when he is telling me to get that $&*#ing camera out of his face because he is so done.

that poor over-photographed baby! Isn’t he precious?


I promised I’d share pictures of my display in the Cedar Ridge Homes showhome. If you’re planning on going through during the Lethbridge spring parade of homes, be sure to check this one out, in Sunridge (816 Sundance Lane W).

This is the first thing you see when you walk in the door, the foyer. There is one more canvas piece for this area coming, there was a lab error but I hope to have it up right away. There should be 3 canvases together when it is finished. All of the photo wall groupings were designed by me and if you are interested in having a similar wall arrangement in your own home, email me or give me a call!


The dining room…


I can hardly express how excited I am about working with Cedar Ridge Homes on this showhome. It is the perfect way for me to show clients exactly how great wall portraits look in a grouping, how great portraits look as home decor, and that the sizes they might think are HUGE are actually really small when put up on the wall.

A lot of my clients think an 11×14 is HUGE, well look at this image of the dining room, see the smallest picture in the middle there? That is an 11×14! Not so big is it? Think 16×20 is massive? Those are 16x20s on each side of that 11×14.



The Stairway…

I have had that canvas of the smiling little girl for almost 2 years now and I have yet to have a person see it and not love it… that one is a 24×30.

The Bathroom…



here’s me in my raincoat (it was cold yesterday!)

The Master Bedroom… with wedding images above the bed



and my personal favorite…

THE NURSERY_mg_4122_2


Isn’t that a beautiful house? If you are thinking of building I would definitely recommend that you look into building with Cedar Ridge. They are very high quality and the team is so great to work with (that is a big plus when building a house-believe me!).

The interior design was done by Christie Archer of Extraordinary Spaces. I am so impressed and may be consulting with her about my own home! My basement isn’t finished yet and I am just not even near as good at interior design as she is!


Remember when I said I was so excited about some big news for JSP?? I can tell you what the news is now! But it would be so much more fun if you could see it in person, so…

Go see the Cedar Ridge Homes showhome in the Spring Parade of Homes! 816 Sundance Lane W-it is in the Sunridge development.   Not only is it a gorgeous house (I love the layout and the interior design is superb) but it is also special because it features my work throughout the entire home!

Cedar Ridge Homes is a high end, quality, custom home builder in Lethbridge and I am so thrilled to be part of this project with them… I love that I can show
people just how beautiful a home can be when it is decorated with
portraits. I truly think that no art is more meaningful than that of your loved ones and it really does make a house feel like a home.

I will be showing lots of pictures of the house within the next few days, but until then, go check it out!

The storybook album. Fully custom designed by me. We work together to include your favorite colors, images, quotes, poems, etc. Can feature images from one session; or in the case of babies (especially those on the milestones plan) can feature baby at several stages throughout their first year, like this sample album.

These books are handbound, hard cover, and are absolutely gorgeous to see. Glossy cover, comes with protective case, and is truly an heirloom for generations to come.

These are just a few layouts from the album, obviously it includes more but I can’t fit them all in this blog post! Ask me to see this in person at your next session.








I know I’m a bit late, but I did remember that I promised to show these! So excited about my new albums. They are the same gorgeous, handmade, bonded leather albums that I have been carrying (made by the same company), but these ones are slip in albums instead of the dry mount albums.

I have had a lot of clients who love the albums I used to carry, but want the flexibility of being able to slip the photos in and out (especially if they want to frame some and rotate the images featured) so this is the perfect alternative to the permanently adhered dry mount albums. I love them both and am really happy to offer a choice between the two. Here are some images. This is a 5×7 album, but I am also offering 4×6 albums for milestones baby planners.












SPRING IS HERE! Oh how I love it. I seriously am just in awe of the beautiful colors of spring. LOVE IT. I was sooooooo excited to do this session while the blossoms were in bloom. If you think you’d like a blossom session, please call me ASAP! Before the wind picks up! I will make room in my schedule to be sure to get you in right away.



Do you like my new petti-skirts? I was so excited to use my skirts-I’ve had them for a few months but have had all baby boys and newborns and haven’t had a little girl to use them with. They are soooo soft and silky, and so far little girl’s love them!







I’ll show a lot more from this session in a few days, I just HAD to get these up to convince you that now is the time to do outdoor sessions!!!

Check out this link… the photoshop diet. Proof that you shouldn’t let what you see in the magazines influence how you feel about your own body… definitely. It is sickening what the media expects ourselves to believe is the ideal/standard woman’s body type.

And if you’re wondering if I can do that, the answer is no, I don’t know how! And even if I could, I really don’t think I would, I prefer to use my powers for good and not evil-LOL!

To all the mothers…
who sacrifice so much and complain so little; who love their children even when they are acting unlovable, who stay up nights, who spend their days devoted to their children and always put them first, to those who sometimes feel like they aren’t doing a good enough job, who do a lot of unrecognized work behind the scenes…

To those who dreamed about their children before they were born and loved them more than they could have imagined after…

Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day, from Jenna Slomp Photography. Thank you to all of the awesome, wonderful mothers I’ve met this past year, who have inspired me for when I’ll someday have children of my own… including my own mother. My mom is one of the most important people in my world, one of my very best friends, and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Realized I hadn’t blogged about the basement recently… it’s almost done! My husband has been working so hard on it (let’s just say the DIY-er lifestyle is not for Jenna) and I am so proud of him and can’t wait to show it off!

Here are a couple pics superquick. This is my office (purple) and the hallway (green). The green appears darker than it is, well I guess actually it depends on the lighting. But I wanted to show you my fun colors.

Of course my little shadow (Max) had to come with me to take these.


Another fun session where I got to see a former client grown up!

I did Declan’s first session when he was 5 weeks old (here’s a fav from that session)

and here he is, one day shy of his first birthday!

oh how they change!!!

He was a bit… serious… during this session. I think his mom and dad thought that I didn’t get much because he didn’t seem to be in a very good mood. So his mom told me she was SHOCKED and DELIGHTED when she saw these.

I was proud of what we got, so adorable, and so much personality shining through… and oh the color!! I am loving being outside again.

Here’s a few more.

my favorite…






and my favorite family one…