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So I am trying to update my galleries like I said in my last post and it appears that my website has no portfolio galleries at the moment. I am hoping to get a response back from the web designer but in the meantime, my galleries are down. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

I belong to several groups of professional photographers and recently there has been some image theft by new photographers who decide to steal images from another photographer, then putting the images into their portfolio/website and calling them their own. The worst part being, that they don’t seem to know/think this is wrong.

I had a legal issue with another photog last fall who had stolen the text from my website, so I am going to be proactive about this image theft problem; and ensure that it doesn’t happen to me. I am going to be watermarking all the images in my portfolio-so if you see an empty gallery don’t worry, it will be back up soon.

I have the most wonderful clients in the world and this has nothing to do with my clients!

And to the photogs that read my blog, please know that this is a very serious issue. Image or text theft is copyright infringement and I think as an industry there are too many new photogs who seem to think that everything on the internet is there for free. It’s not, and a lot of people worked very hard to get where they are; there is no magic pill or shortcut to get you successful overnight, especially not by stealing from others.

Okay off my soapbox now, back to work.

One of my favorite things about this job is getting to see my little clients change and grow. I photographed this cutie with his family back in October, and he has changed a lot since then! He is too cute… such a charmer! I absolutely loved this session.









I get a lot of clients asking, "What is the best age to photograph my baby?". That is a bit of a complicated question-I think it’s important to capture each stage (and that is why I created my milestones plan) but I will tell you that my favorite ages are newborn (under 2 weeks old-to capture how tiny they are), and the 6-9 months stage. Basically as soon as they are sitting up on their own, I think you should call me to book!

I absolutely love the 6-9 month stage because the babies are so happy and expressive during the photoshoot.

I find that this stage always results in the cutest expressions and photographs. They have developed a personality of their own and honestly, those are my favorite shots!

Like this last one for example. I have put a lot of babies into that basket and this is the happiest I have ever seen a baby in it!


I’m sure a lot of you moms who have gone through the teething stage can relate to this one… makes me laugh when I see it, too funny!

Well not so little sis I guess. We’re only 14 months apart but she’s still younger! We did her maternity session when she was exactly 9 months along… now there are only 5 days til her due date and I can’t believe how quickly it came.

I love my sister so much… especially now that she’s expecting. We have always had our ups and downs; years where we got along better than others, but lately I feel like we are finally really great friends… and I love that. I am so excited for her… she is going to be a wonderful mama. And I have never been so excited in my life as I am to meet my sweet little niece/nephew… I have already decided I will spoil him rotten and be the "cool aunt Jenna" (hopefully he won’t be sick of my camera too soon!)._mg_1191bw

Looking at these pictures sort of makes me emotional because she looks like such a grown-up-woman. You don’t usually think of your little sis as a grown-up-woman (at least I don’t), she’s just your sister… looking at these I think, she is so beautiful.

anyways, enough rambling on, here are some favs.











Stay tuned for what will probably be hundreds or even thousands of newborn pics in the next month!

I’m happy to announce that I am now offering a "Milestones Plan", for those who want their little one captured in photographs several times during their first year of life.

The Milestones Plan includes 3 in-studio sessions during baby’s first year {I recommend newborn/sitting up/walking for the greatest range of poses and expressions} and parents are welcome to join baby in pictures at each session. This collection includes access to exclusive "milestones" portrait collections offered only to milestones baby planners, and 10% off of a la carte print prices.

Availablity will be limited so if you’re interested call/email to sign up as soon as you can.

Pricing for this plan as well as my new maternity/newborn collection is listed on my website at

I have lots of important announcements to make in the next month. I’ll start with these…

-Jenna Slomp Photography is once again accepting studio sessions. My permanent studio space is not quite finished but if you are hoping for a studio session in the next month I am offering them.

-Also, I can now accept VISA & MasterCard as forms of payment.

Oh my goodness, I loved this fun session yesterday. In fact, I had 2 awesome sessions yesterday and I am loving what we got in both of them.

I am just putting up a sneak peak for this little guy’s mom. This was the first shot from our session yesterday and I just absolutely LOVE IT. It is going to be VERY hard to narrow down the images and pick my favorites…

I’m working on a coffee table book and was going back through some old files… and found this. Oldie_1

I don’t know why I never really looked that close at this one but I am smiling now that I dug it out. That’s Derian, one of the cutest little people I’ve ever met and I love his smushed hair and pursed lips in this photo. Love that personality.

Here’s another one from that session. Too cute!


Just thought I’d share.