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I know this isn’t a client’s portrait but I just had to share this recent image of my puppy, Max. This image just absolutely cracks me up. I love how the wide angle distorts his head in relation to his body. My poor dogs hate having a photographer as their owner. They know what my camera is, and they know they hate it, so getting them to look at me is a constant struggle! And sometimes I just need to practice things and don’t have any human models handy…

Here’s another one I had printed recently.

This was taken just before we moved in December at our old house… I loved that huge deck! Anyways, I had this picture printed as a 5×10 and then mounted and laminated so I could display it on an easel in my house… and if I didn’t think everyone would think I was insane, I’d have it printed huge… I can’t help it, it honestly makes me smile everytime I walk by it. Their expressions are priceless and I just cannot even express how well it shows their personalities… I love the way they’re looking at me… I love the way Max’s ear is cocked, I love the depth of field, I love the way Gizmo (the black dog) is looking at me like he’s gonna bark at me (they are very playful). It makes me happy.

This is too cute. For those that won the Toys R Us gift certificates in the recent contest-if you need an idea on what to spend it on, check out this Barbie! So your little girl can practice for a future career as my assistant!

I don’t know how practical that outfit would be for photoshoots though…

First place in the "JSP cutest image contest" goes to…Foxcroft51_mg_1343bw_1

Kaylee! Or as her dad called her in his vote email…

Kaylee is too cute… she had the most awesome red hair I have ever seen on a baby and she is so full of smiles everytime I see her. That smile is infectious. I dare you to look at the below picture and not crack a smile!

You can see from these images that she is a very expressive little girl, which makes for a great session! And who can resist that outie bellybutton!? I love it! It is very obvious that she is her parent’s pride and joy.

Kaylee will receive a $125 credit toward prints &
products from Jenna Slomp Photography; a $50 gift certificate for a
friend of her family’s choice to use towards a session with JSP; a $75
gift certificate to Toys R
Us (or another children’s store of her choice), a Mary Kay gift basket
for her mom, and her image will be placed first in the baby gallery on my website!



Thank you so much to everyone who participated! All the runners up will receive a $25 gift certificate towards prints, products, or a future session with Jenna Slomp Photography.Foxcroft54_1

Oh my goodness this was so close. There was 4 votes between first and second place. 4 votes! It was so close I could not predict the winner til the contest was over!!

The second place for "cutest image winner" goes to… Roshan!Bidarian44_mg_0465bw_2

She also gets the prize for most international votes because at the end of the contest she had people voting from New Zealand, Iran, California, Germany, Hong Kong, Austria, Australia, Sweden & Scotland! Wow!

Roshan was so much fun to work with. She is one of the smartest 3 year olds I have ever met. She would tell me so much interesting stuff, and even tried to sell me some pictures of her at our ordering session! She also made me a very beautiful picture with foam shapes that I still have hanging in my office today.


I really look forward to working with Roshan and her family in the future.


Roshan will receive a $100 credit toward prints &
products from Jenna Slomp Photography; a $30 gift certificate for a friend of her family’s choice to use towards a session with JSP; a $50 gift certificate to Toys R
Us (or another children’s store of her choice), a Mary Kay gift basket
for her mom, and her image will be placed in the top two images of
the little ones gallery on my website!


Thanks to everyone who voted for Roshan! Don’t forget to check in tomorrow to see who won first place!

The votes are in and I am happy to announce the winners of the "JSP
Cutest Image Contest". I will start from third place and work my way to
first in the next couple days. Thank you to everyone who voted and sent
such nice emails to me throughout the past week.

The 3rd place "cutest image" winner is…



Livia is such a cutie. She and her parents came down from Calgary to do this shoot, and it was so much fun. I absolutely loved working with this family, and Livia was such a beautiful subject. She is one of the prettiest babies I have met so far, and almost everyone who voted for her mentioned her beautiful eyes.

Livia22bw She gave me a lot of serious looks during our shoot and I loved the results.

I look forward to working with her family in the future… can’t wait to see how much she’s grown and changed since our last shoot!

Livia will receive a $75 credit toward prints & products from Jenna Slomp Photography; a $25 gift certificate to Toys R Us (or another children’s store of her choice), a Mary Kay gift basket for her mom, and her image will be placed in the top three images of the baby gallery on my website!



Thanks to everyone who voted for Livia, this contest was so much fun! Have a great family day and check the blog tomorrow to see who won second place!

I can’t believe how close the votes are so far. There are 4 images that are pretty much neck in neck! And I am seriously loving how international this contest is. So far, from the people who’ve added their location, I’ve gotten votes from Hong Kong, Austria, Germany, Iran, a few different US states, and all over Canada. I think these cute kids have a lot of distant friends and relatives! Anyways, votes may continue to be submitted until Sunday night at midnight. On monday I’ll start announcing the winners!

I don’t know if some of you who subscribe to this blog got notified that the contest began yesterday. I think it may not have been working on updating you, so if it didn’t, here’s your notice, the contestants have been posted and you can vote now!

I am shocked at how international this contest has become. Yesterday I recieved votes from Germany, California, and Iran! And those are just the people who listed their location. Keep the votes coming!

Here are the contestants… remember you can only vote once but ANYONE can vote. Including the prime minister, the Queen of England, a movie star, ANYONE. They just need to have an email address. The top 3 images with the most votes by SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2007 will win the awesome prizes listed below!

Oh my gosh it was so hard to narrow this down. I told myself there would be six but it was soooooooooooo hard… so I wimped out and chose 8! And that was still hard! So many cute images to choose from!

In random order, here they are…








Can you tell I’m on a black and white kick right now? Too depressing to see beautiful fall color when it’s brown and white outside! LOL. More white than brown today!

To vote, please go to and click on the ENTER FLASH SITE. Then go to the contact page and email your vote to me. Do not forget to include the number of the image you are voting for! If you don’t have high speed internet and you can’t open my site, I will allow emails to be sent to me directly But try to do it through the site! Thanks!

Sorry I’m a bit late posting this, I was having trouble getting it up on the blog. But here it is!! Due to the lateness, I am going to postpone starting the contest until Monday the 12th.

This contest was sooo much fun last time, both for me and the contestants. I loved how the contestants enlisted the help of everyone they knew to help win them votes and I hope the contestants will be just as enthusiastic this time around!

Like last time, the
contest will be a vote that anyone can participate in. I have had the
opportunity to photograph so many adorable kids this past fall and I
will pick 6 of my absolute favorite child/baby images from the fall of 2006 and it will be
up to you to decide which image should win the contest.

no secret that my favorite subjects are children, so this contest will
be a "cutest image contest" since it is featuring
babies & kids (please note that it is
absolutely not
a cutest child contest, because I believe all children are so
incredibly adorable in their own way-the winner will be based on which
image is the cutest, not which child).

And now, you’ve been waiting patiently for days, and here they are… the prizes!Contest

Now you’re really excited aren’t you?

Last but certainly not least, the rules…
In order to vote, you must log on to my website and go through the
contact page (filling out your name, email address and info-please note I promise not to spam you or send you unsolicitated emails) and then
in the MESSAGE box you will tell me which image you think is the
cutest (by number). The votes will be emailed to me through this page, so don’t
make up fake email addresses, because your vote will not count if I
cannot email you back.

2) Anyone (and I mean anyone) can vote, but you can only vote once.
What does this mean? This means that you can enlist the votes of
friends, coworkers, family members, your great aunt Ida in Belize, your
cousin twice removed in Germany, and even your neighbor’s-best
friend’s-little sister’s-gymnastic coach’s-dogwalker to vote; the only
requirements being that they must have a real email address and access
to my website (and blog) to submit their vote. If for some reason that
person cannot access my flash website they can contact me for
alternative voting (but only if you really can’t access my website-and
they still must have a valid email address).

3) The voting will begin when I announce it (on this blog) and will end one week (seven days) later.

The contestants will be chosen at random by me. Siblings will not be
posted together in order to remain fair. I will pick my favorite images
of babies & children from fall 2006 that make me smile whenever I see them because
they are so darn cute, and then I will enlist the help of a few close
friends and family members to help me narrow it down to a reasonable
number (because I love a
lot of them),
and then I will post the contestants here. The images eligible to be
chosen must have been taken anywhere from September 1st, 2006-November 15, 2006.

Watch the blog on MONDAY for the contestant images to be posted and the contest to begin!

I’ve been working on some fun new prizes to add to my JSP Cutest Image of the Fall Contest (contestant images will be added to the blog on friday, feb 9). Tomorrow (the 7th) I plan to list the really fun prizes here on the blog. I am waiting til Friday to announce the contestants and to open the voting because I want to give everyone time to read this and be ready to vote, because you’ll only have one week to rally your friends and family to vote for your adorable child!

Note: To those of you who have been worried that I haven’t been updating the blog as often as I used to, I’m sorry! I have been busy on some projects, but now that I know it has been missed I will get back at er! LOL.