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I am having a very blah month. I’ve been having really severe headaches every day for the past few weeks and that is just no fun. I feel like I’m in a slump that I am so ready to get out of…

One thing that has gotten me excited is shopping for my soon to be "niece or nephew". I do know what the baby is, but I am sworn to secrecy… It is just so much fun to shop for a new baby… it’s exciting! I am literally counting down the days til my sister is due… I have so many plans for all the newborn shots I will get!

Speaking of newborns, I’m going to share some of my favs from a recent newborn session. This little guy was sooooo tiny! His parents let me hold him at the beginning of the session and I just COULD NOT BELIEVE how little he was… so adorable! Anyways, here’s some favs from our session together…

I love the way he is smiling here, and how his little hands are folded…




and one on my new blanket, I love this blanket for newborns!

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If you’ve visited my site in the past couple weeks you’ll notice I have a new tagline. I liked my old one, but after noticing that another photog in this area was using one that was very similar I decided that I wanted something unique to me. And so I came up with my new one, "So you’ll never forget."

I think it is more appropriate for my business anyways, it sums up perfectly what I am trying to do… creating precious keepsakes for you, so that you will never forget these moments…

It’s time for another JSP Blog Image Contest. I am thinking it will be another cutest image contest, because I have so many adorable clients to choose from… this will be from my favorite images from fall 06. Bookmark the blog so you don’t miss out on this fun contest in the next few weeks (they’ll be really awesome prizes)!

A professional photographer from Kansas (Elizabeth G.-who I’ve met online) contacted me at Christmastime to book a session as a gift for her friends here in Alberta who just had a baby. With the funeral last week and Christmas and moving, it took a few days for us to be able to get together, but we finally did today, and I promised Elizabeth a sneak peak. So for her, and for the happy new parents, here is just one image from our session. The rest will be proofed soon and I’ll share more then.

Well the holidays are almost over… I don’t know about you but I am soaking up the holiday today in my pjs… taking a much needed break.

I hope your Christmas and New Years was wonderful and that you awoke today refreshed and ready to begin a new year. I love a new year… a chance to start fresh.

This year the holidays were a bit hard for my family, my grandma passed away on the 28th from cancer, and it was a long battle for her that made for a very sad Christmas for us. It has been difficult, but we’re doing okay… On that note, I may not be around much this week, with the out of town funeral and all, but you will always be able to reach me via email ( I check it often so if you need to contact me I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Enjoy what is left of the holidays and please remember to cherish every moment you have with those that you love!